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“Ashley Judd Talks Beauty Secrets, Spirituality and Why She’ll Never Go Blonde” by Emily Taylor

Originally appeared on newbeauty.com on January 30, 2020.

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Ashley Judd is known for many things: for fearlessly being the first woman to go on the record against Harvey Weinstein, for a film career that spans more than three decades and boasts such jewels as Double JeopardyKiss the Girls and Ruby in Paradise, and for being an outspoken political activist.

What might be lesser known is Judd’s love of natural beauty and embrace of give-back brands like Hope Fragrances, a scent-only company that offers three floral fragrances and donates 100% of net profits to the Hope for Depression Research Foundation.

We scored a few minutes of Judd’s precious time to chat Hope, her morning routine and why she’s a life-long brunette.

NewBeauty: What is the best beauty advice that you have ever gotten?
Ashley Judd: Get a good night’s sleep every night and don’t smoke or drink. Exercise!

NB: What is your first beauty memory?
AJ: My mother and sister saying I would make a pretty blond when I was a young adolescent—and piping up to say I thought I looked just fine the way I was!

NB: What is the best beauty hack that you have learned on set?
AJ: Take a refreshing nap during lunch.

NB: What is your go-to scent?
AJ: Parma violets, because they remind me of my Mamaw.

NB: What do you love about Hope Fragrances?
AJ: The freshness and beauty of the fragrances.

NB: If you were not an actress, you would be:
AJ: An anthropologist.

NB: What is your favorite place in the world?
AJ: Anywhere that I am with my love.

NB: What is the first thing you do every morning?
AJ: Read my spiritual books, journal, meditate, and pray.

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