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How to Deal with Post-Holiday Depression

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Gifts are unwrapped and the excitement is over. Holiday décor is tucked back into boxes for next year. Gatherings with friends and family that once felt lively and overwhelming disappear,…

Seasonal Depression: More than Just the “Winter Blues”

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Seasonal depression is not just holiday-related doldrums. When daylight begins to grow shorter, temperatures get chillier, and the sky can be gray for days at a time, as many as…

Understanding Holiday Depression: Causes, Risks, and Coping Strategies

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The holidays conjure up images of twinkling lights, families trimming trees, and parties overflowing with decadent desserts and laughter. But for many people, these cheerful visions are overshadowed by the…

Managing Holiday Stress While Entertaining

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Few events cause as much holiday stress as hosting and entertaining. It’s important to plan, prep, and make time to indulge in your own serenity. While parties and cocktail hours…

“Investing in Philanthropy” – Palm Beach Charity Register

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"Investing in Philanthropy" by Judy Martel Originally appeared in the Palm Beach Charity Register 2019-2020 Click here to view the original publication. Audrey Gruss has dedicated her life to philanthropy,…
Hope Fragrances Collection

26 Beauty Brands That Give Back

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View the full article here: https://people.com/style/beauty-brands-that-give-back/#hope-fragrance HOPE FRAGRANCE Founder Audrey Gruss created this fresh scent in the form of eau de parfum, hand cream and a candle, which will donate…
Audrey Gruss, founder of Hope, the uplifting fragrance

Audrey Gruss: Hope Parfum

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View the full Social Life Magazine article here: https://sociallifemagazine.com/2019/05/15/audrey-gruss-hope-parfum/  Hope for Depression Research Foundation Style icon and depression advocate Audrey Gruss perfume hope – “the uplifting fragrance,” continues to garner critical acclaim.…
Celebrate Mother's Day with Hope Fragrances, a beautiful white floral fragrance

Gifts For Mom

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Hope, The Uplifting Fragrance A white floral fragrance on a humanitarian quest. Four white flowers, lily of the valley, jasmine, gardenia, and tuberose create a unique and uplifting essence of…
Audrey Gruss, founder of Hope Fragrances

Thoughts on Mother’s Day with Audrey Gruss

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Mother's Day is a special time to celebrate and cherish the special woman in our life who raised us. Audrey Gruss, the founder of Hope Fragrances, shares a very special…
Mother's Day celebrations with the charitable and uplifting Hope Fragrances

16 Special Gifts For The Mother Who (Almost) Has It All

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View the full article on Texas Lifestyle Magazine  here: https://texaslifestylemag.com/lifestyle/16-special-gifts-for-the-mother-who-almost-has-it-all/ Every lady loves a great fragrance! Help her smell delectable on-the-go with this portable, packaged fragrance that keeps her fresh.…
Mother's Day flower arrangement made by Audrey Gruss, founder of Hope Fragrances

Mother’s Day Floral Bouquet – The Secret to a Simple yet Beautiful Arrangement

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Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be difficult. You want to find something that will demonstrate your appreciation and love but are overwhelmed with the many options. Audrey Gruss,…
Hope Fragrances discusses what's in a mom

A Mother’s Day Story: What’s in A Mom?

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“Hope was actually my mother’s name and it exemplified all the wonderful, positive feelings that the name engenders.” -Audrey Gruss https://vimeo.com/332495291 The name Hope signifies so much, it’s uplifting in…
Things to do with mom on MOther's Day with Hope Fragrances

Share the Love – Things to do With Mom on Mother’s Day

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“ I think you should always try to do something that you know your Mother loves.”   - Audrey Gruss https://vimeo.com/332489683 Hope Fragrances celebrates mothers everywhere!  With the infusion of…
Hope Fragrances beautiful scent of lily of the valley

May The Lily-Of-The-Valley Bloom

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Nothing illustrates the arrival of spring like the Lily of The Valley. These lovely small bell-shaped white flowers emit a strong and sweet scent within its delicate pearl-like petals. With…
the uplifting scent of tuberose

The Bloom of a Tuberose at Night

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The Tuberose’s rich fragrance is often a staple in fragrances due to its strong aromatic blend. In the same class as the Jasmine flower, Hope Fragrances appreciates the white floral…
Hope Fragrances jasmine scent

Jasmine’s Unique Flower

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The Jasmine flower also contributes its unique scent to Hope Fragrance’s signature scent. With Jasmine being one of the more popular botanical scents originating in the regions of the Himalayas,…
Hope Fragrances embraces the scent of gardenia

When a Gardenia Blooms it Uplifts

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A white flower such as Gardenia is precious in its own right, however, when appreciated for the wonderful gift of scent at its core it is so much more. And…
Hope Fragrances celebrates white flowers and the beauty of Spring

The Beauty of Spring

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New seasons bring new beginnings and beautiful changes. Audrey Gruss, the founder of Hope Fragrances, believes that Spring is the sign of hope. https://vimeo.com/330593121
Hope, the uplifting fragrance consists of tuberose, gardenia, lily of the valley, and jasmine

The Flowers of Hope Fragrances

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https://vimeo.com/330594278   Hope Fragrances is a beautiful scent made of four iconic white flowers; Gardenia, Tuberose, Lily-Of-The-Valley, and Jasmine. Each flower is unique in its own way and when fused…

This Mother’s Day, One Mother’s Love Inspires Her Daughter To Social Good

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View the full Forbes article here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/alyssawright/2018/05/09/this-mothers-day-a-mothers-love-inspires-social-good/#324952bf7c60 With Mother's Day fast approaching, many of us may pause to reflect on our own mothers, the women who have unconditionally loved us…