A Mother’s Day Story: What’s in A Mom?

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“Hope was actually my mother’s name and it exemplified all the wonderful, positive feelings that the name engenders.”

-Audrey Gruss

The name Hope signifies so much, it’s uplifting in its very definition and there’s beauty in its white floral scents. There is so much to a name, and with Hope, its portrayal of the uplifting scent of four white flowers brings light to its meaning. True essence in its purest form is key in promoting aspiration, friendship, devotion, and guidance.

Audrey Gruss, founder of Hope, the uplifting fragrance

A mother is inspiring and strong. She brings an aura of hope, tenderness, comfort and calm. This was especially important for us at Hope Fragrances when infusing the perfect white flowers to capture a scent that uplifts, inspires and comforts.  It brings the most vivid light in the darkest of hours, an appreciation for the earth’s purest flowers. Much like the strong, tender woman, this fragrance signifies strength through hope.

Hope Fragrances celebrates Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day near, we recognize the true nature of a mother’s love and its impact on all of us. We appreciate her endless efforts and how she inspires us to become a positive force in the world of mental health.

Hope Fragrances celebrates Mother's Day

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