Share the Love – Things to do With Mom on Mother’s Day

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“ I think you should always try to do something that you know your Mother loves.”  

Audrey Gruss

Hope Fragrances celebrates mothers everywhere!  With the infusion of four iconic white flowers, our fragrance is a portrayal of an uplifting essence that caresses your senses and nourishes your soul.

During a day of love, honor, and gratitude, we suggest three activities to do with mom on her day. After all, time spent together is the best gift of all.

Audrey Gruss, founder of Hope Fragrances

Floral Arrangement Classes 

There’s a reason why the Mother’s Day holiday is the biggest selling day of the year for florists and gardeners. Flowers awaken the soul. It’s why arranging a bouquet is one of the most personal and endearing moments to spend with a mother. Contact your local florists to see if they have any upcoming classes or if they would be willing to host a private class.

Celebrate Mother's Day with Hope Fragrances and a floral arrangement class

Tea or Brunch 

Mother’s day couldn’t come at a better time during the year. Wafting aromas of spring flowers– newly bloomed– during afternoon tea or brunch is perfect for a crisp spring day.

Celebrate Mother's day with Hope Fragrances and brunch

Theater or Dance Performance

The surprise of a new theater show in town is one of the best gifts a mother could be graced with. A grand opening of a new show is exciting. Live art on stage has a way of capturing your attention and keeping you engaged. If she enjoys art, this is a wonderful way to build memories to look back on with mom.

Celebrate Mother's Day with Hope FRagrances at the theater

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