May The Lily-Of-The-Valley Bloom

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Hope Fragrances hand and body cream embraces lily of the valley

Nothing illustrates the arrival of spring like the Lily of The Valley. These lovely small bell-shaped white flowers emit a strong and sweet scent within its delicate pearl-like petals. With a reputation for signifying the return of happiness. Its affiliation with other white floral scents brings forth a sweet aroma of a crisp nuance within the core of Hope Fragrances. A representation of a scent that uplifts and encourages hope.

The visual delicacy of this flower is picturesque in its nature and aromatic in its fragrance. While this idyllic sweet smelling flower’s blooming season is very short, it makes the floral addition to Hope Fragrances that more precious. An exquisite inspiration to any ambiance all year-round, promoting an elevated feeling of peace and tranquility.

Hope Fragrances beautiful scent of lily of the valley

With the scent of a white floral inspiration, it is essential in Hope Fragrances. A powerful yet gentle essence capturing the strands of a light breeze on a spring or summer afternoon is uplifting. It illustrates happiness, purity, and innocence as that of a white flower would.

Hope Fragrances beautiful scent of lily of the valley

Hope Fragrances perfume beautiful scent of lily of the valley

Fun Facts:

    1. Lily of the Valley belongs to the Asparagus family.
  1. A royal favorite, lily of the valley is the classic royal selection (like Kate Middleton, Grace Kelly, Queen Victoria) for wedding bouquets.
  2. Legend says lily of the valley sprang from Mary’s tears, symbolizing a return to happiness.



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