Jasmine’s Unique Flower

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Hope Fragrances flora, soy candle

The Jasmine flower also contributes its unique scent to Hope Fragrance’s signature scent. With Jasmine being one of the more popular botanical scents originating in the regions of the Himalayas, the infusion of its fun-loving aroma creates a unique and exuberant aura within our ensemble cast of botanicals superstars including gardenia, tuberose, and lily-of-the-valley essences.

The oil of Jasmine derives from two different species of this delicate flower, the Jasminum Officinale and Grandiflorum. With a complex and mysterious attraction to the Jasmine flower, it captivates the senses in light melodic ease, rejuvenating hope and quieting the flow of a lovely spring day with ease and enjoyment. We thought the combination of its restorative and inspiring up-notes made it an ideal floral scent to include in Hope Fragrances.

Our Hope Fragrances scented candle offers the varying components of Jasmine’s illusively sweet and warm feminine essence, permeating your home with the white flower fragrant blends of Hope and tranquility.

the scent of jasmine in Hope Fragrances

Hope Fragrances beauty line embraces jasmine

Exquisite details on Jasmine:

  1. Jasmine is part of the olive family.
  2. Gardeners recommend to plant jasmine shrubs outside bedroom windows, so the aromatic smell can drift in the night air & fill your dreams with sweet delight.
  3. Natural Jasmine Essence extract is one of the most difficult and expensive processes in the perfumery world.. 1 kilogram of pure jasmine absolute can require up to 800 hours of labor, 6 million jasmine flowers, and can cost up to $9,000.00. There’s a reason why it’s one of the most indulgent scents in the aroma world.
  4. The nectar of the Carolina Jasmine is poisonous, dried from its roots, it’s used as a sedative for medicinal purposes.

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